Musculoskeletal Rehab
With Exercise Physiologist


Experience fast and effective musculoskeletal rehab guided by an expert exercise physiologist, boosting your performance to new heights.

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Do you have an injury? We provide exercise guidance specific to musculoskeletal conditions and injuries including post-surgery rehabilitation.

Fix And Build

Do your lifts feel like trash? Fix & Build is aimed specifically at rebuilding movement and strength with your squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press movements.

Suitable for all barbell sport athletes

Strength and Conditioning

Do you need general training from a university qualified health professional? Personalised programming & training to achieve fitness, weight loss and strength goals

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Conditions Exercise Physiologist Can Treat

We also provide exercise guidance to support musculoskeletal conditions and injuries such as post-surgery rehabilitation and sports specific injuries.

We have a team of qualified Exercise Physiologists who are able to support you by employing pain reduction strategies, mobility and strength techniques that help our clients move and live well.

Pre + Post Joint Replacement

Lower Back Pain

Joint Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

Joint Pain + Injuries

Pre + Post Operative Care

How Do Our Exercise Physiologists And Coaches Work Together?



We offer a collaborative session option, where the most appropriate EP and your chosen coach, will hold 2x30minute online sessions with you to make sure you’re supported before starting your coaching service with Performotion. This service can be utilised if you have a pre-existing or historical injury/niggle you would like our team to review prior to commencing your training block.


To ensure your support with the Performotion team is as seamless and holistic as possible, our coaches will refer you to our EPs from time to time, if needed. In this instance, you will receive a 10% discount to easily engage with our EP service and get on top of any additional support which may be needed via an injury or pain assessment or movement analysis.

Are you struggling with pain but you’ve exhausted your face to face options nearby?

Zoom consults with PerforMotion provide rehabilitation and performance analysis with practitioners that understand the nature of strength sports.

We aim to make this experience similar to that of a face to face session by providing:

– Biomechanical Analysis
– Technique Adjustments
– Road to  Recovery Planning
– Program/Exercise Recommendations
– Communication with Coach/Medical team

All in the comfort of your own homeor local gym.

These services are offered over zoom, or instagram where needed, with high contact support and communication outside of sessions.

Tom was able to problem solve issues no other practitioner/health professional could over 5 years of chronic back pain.
Every solution was easily applicable to existing daily training routines and most of the time didn’t even feel like rehab at all.
In my worst state I was unable to wake up without back pain let alone train and after working with Tom for 2 years I have been able to push through and beat previous training maxes. And this was all done as an online service, no manual therapy.
Beth Parker

2017 IPF Worlds Sub-Junior Champion, 2022 NSW Junior Champion

Over the course of the past 10 weeks working with Josh I have gone from dealing with pain regularly and thinking I would never be able to lift heavy again to lifting heavier than I ever thought possible, managing recovery and successfully managing pain levels while still being able to train regularly.

Josh is incredibly knowledgeable about biomechanics and has worked with me on small changes to improve my technique across all of my lifts, all while managing my lower back pain.

I never thought I would be able to workout as pain free as I am now and I am so grateful and so looking forward to making more improvements in my strength and recovery.


Exercise Physiology Client

Over the course of the past year Tom has helped me get over some big “stucks” in my training, as well as helping me continue to train through some niggles. I highly recommend any powerlifter that is serious about getting the most out of each lift or is constantly getting minor injuries to consider working with Tom. He has an eye for small technical changes that can be made to improve efficiency and keep the common aches and pains at bay. To put it quite simply, if Tom told me I had to stand on my head prior to each session at this point, I would. His knowledge and willingness to work with both Kelly and I to keep me healthy and moving well has added a huge amount of value to my training that has paid dividends on the platform.
Meghan Scanlon

2022 IPF World Champion

It’s borderline witchcraft what Chris was able to do in a single 45min session, from a different state over zoom. Unbearable pain on a 60kg squat to a lifetime PB that same week. Cannot recommend Chris enough to anyone wanting help with pain management without wanting to stop training.


Lachy Martin

Exercise Physiology Client

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