In Person & Online Exercise Physiology

Work with highly experienced, skilled and dedicated EP’s, providing the best and most effective rehab programs for injuries and other health conditions.
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We specialise in treatment of muskuloskeletal, neurological, post operative, chronic conditions and general health & wellbeing.


We offer online & face-to-face education and mentoring for industry peers looking to learn how PerforMotion works with their athletes.


Our EP’s can offer ongoing coaching services, or work collaboratively with your existing coach in the case of injury or pre-existing conditions.

Our Expertise + Your Unique Physiology

We provide current and up to date rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal injuries, improving performance, and refining lifting technique.

We take a personalised approach to your health and fitness journey.

Our exercise physiologists will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, goals, and challenges, and create a customised exercise program tailored to your individual requirements.

Sports Injury Rehab and Management

Our EP’s specialise in sports rehab & injury management, with experience in weightlifting, powerlifting and body building, as well as all field sports.


Online Exercise Physiology

Online consultations are conducted via Telehealth, Zoom or Instagram, meaning you can access our Accredited EP’s from your home, local gym or anywhere in the world.

In-person Exercise Physiology

Face-to-face consultations are conducted via at PerforMotion HQ, located in Brisbane’s inner city suburb of Bowen Hills and the home of Australia’s Best EP’s.

Exercise Physiology Pricing

View our initial consultation costs, rebates are available with most Private Health Funds.

Online Consultations

Convenient access to Brisbane’s best EP’s.



AUD / hour


In-Person Consultations

Face-to-face support at our Brisbane gym.



AUD / hour


Client Testimonials

Eric Rogic
Eric Rogic
15 April 2024
Fantastic gym - great community and good quality equipment!
Dylan Sorensen
Dylan Sorensen
11 February 2024
Perf is perfect. I'm an Osteo as well as an athlete, initially the whole team got involved to get me to the starting line and achieve my goals. Then when I was looking for my next thing, Kelly helped me through (and still is!) the ins and outs of Powerlifting and managing my body. which I love. 11/10 would recommend.
Debbie Joseph
Debbie Joseph
9 November 2023
Started seeing a sport Physiologist for my hip osteo arthritis to build muscle. Who knew I had muscle after losing so much strength. It's one of those gyms that isn't all prissy and pretentious. I also see Ethel who is just the best and I always find relief after my sessions with her.
Damien Parker
Damien Parker
22 August 2023
Managed to drop in for a casual visit today and if you’re after a strength and conditioning gym with everything you need in one place. This is it. If you’re in Brisbane I highly recommend checking the gym and the team out.
Vanessa T
Vanessa T
9 July 2023
Incredibly knowledgeable and they’ll get you results. Whether it’s rehab or strength training, these guys know what they’re doing
Isaiah Young
Isaiah Young
7 December 2022
I have only visited the gym in person once, but have been doing weekly online programming with Sam. He is by far the best strength coach I’ve ever had, not only is the program format clean and easy to use, his communication and ability to teach is elite. The gym was vibrant, and full of professional and clean equipment when I did visit. Couldn’t more highly recommend not only the gym, but the coaches they have here.
Alexander Houston
Alexander Houston
19 October 2022
Performotion was given to me as a last resort pre surgery to fix chronic back pain. Kelly identified the issue within 2 minutes, something the doctors and scans were unable to do, and prescribed some simple yet effective exercises and movements. A year later and not even a niggle! These magicians will ensure form and technique are correct whilst getting you back stronger than ever. Highly recommend anyone looking for strength training / exercise physiology to get in here! 🥳

PerforMotion HQ

Visit our fully equipped, 24/7 gym located in Brisbane’s inner city suburb of Bowen Hills, Queensland.

Memberships start at just $18/week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Hit the contact button and our team will get back to you.

Yes, you will be send an invoice with provider number to claim back with your health fund.

We do not offer a gap free consultations.

We accept visa, master card, AMEX, and paypal. 

Enquire about mentoring with our EP team by submitting an enquiry on our contact page.

Once you have booked an initial consultation, the exercise physiologist will send you a Zoom link. You are required to be in a gym or a place with equipment for your session.

After the assessment, you’ll receive a program via email for you and your coach (if applicable).

Our coaches will refer you to our EPs from time to time, if needed.

If you are a PerforMotion member you will receive a 10% discount to easily engage with our EP service and get on top of any additional support which may be needed via an injury or pain assessment or movement analysis.

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