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Daisy Brooks

Daisy is a Sports Nutrition Association registered Accredited Sports Nutritionist in her final year of her Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition Bioscience. Daisy offers online nutrition coaching with weekly or fortnightly check-in options available.


With knowledge in both nutrition science and an understanding of the unique demands of powerlifting, Daisy can help optimise your nutrition to not only increase your numbers on the barbell but also your overall well-being and the achievement of your powerlifting aspirations. Daisy works with you to delve into the intricacies of macronutrients, micronutrients, and timing to maximize your strength gains and enhance your recovery. Daisy’s approach creates a sustainable and effective nutritional plan that complements your lifestyle and training.


Whether you’re a seasoned powerlifter looking to fine-tune your nutrition strategy or just starting out and wanting to lay a strong foundation, Daisy will empower you with the nutritional knowledge and strategies that will elevate your performance and contribute to your long-term success in powerlifting.


Daisy’s particular areas of interest and specialisation include:
  • Acute weight cutting for competitions
  • Moving up or down weight classes
  • Developing healthy nutrition lifestyle habits
  • Nutrition strategies for high-performance athletes.

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