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How To Work With Us

Clinical Exercise Physiology

If you are suffering from chronic health conditions and acute injury rehabilitation we can help you return to your daily activities and have a happy and pain-free life.


Strength Sports Coaching

Our experienced strength coaches can ensure you achieve consistent progression and a clear pathway to reach your goals using up to date, evidence-based training methods specifically for strength sports performance.

24/7 Gym Membership

A strength training facility which offers 24hr access inclusive of a facility full of competition spec equipment that offers supervision of coaches always on the floor.


Education & Mentorship

PerforMotion has an abundance of knowledge in their team and aim to provide more educational content in 2022. This content covers biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, and programming. More content will be available in 2022.

Online Performance Coaching

High contact online coaching with continual communication and updates on your progress. Receive continual support and communication throughout training, no matter where you are in the world.

Our Expertise + Your Unique Physiology

We know how to effectively and safely increase your strength and fitness. Thereby achieving the best results and outcomes for our clients.

Knowledgeable Practitioners, Supportive Community and Proven Results

Located in Brisbane’s inner-city suburb of Bowen Hills, PerforMotion is the go-to fitness centre for people looking to improve their physical performance.

What makes us unique is that we combine years of clinical exercise physiology and a passion for strength & performance to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

Unlike most training facilities we have the ability to treat a wide range of conditions for regular people while also specialising in competitive training for strength sports athletes.

No matter what your goal, background or experience level, our team of Exercise Physiologists and Strength Coaches will work with you to achieve your ultimate strength, health and performance.

It is this dedication that makes PerforMotion, Bowen Hills the premier Exercise Physiology Clinic in Brisbane.

Success Stories

"I have had issues with my shoulder for years. Seen multiple PTs and doctors and nothing and no one seemed to help. Tom Haynes could tell almost immediately where my issues where coming from and we got to work I’m fixing it. We’ve only been working together a couple months and it’s insane the movement I’ve gained. I’m all the way in Afghanistan and doing this remotely and they are very accommodating. 10/10 would recommend."

Alyssa Ritcher

"I started with Kelly 2 years ago. My shoulder was so bad that turning the steering wheel was a struggle. I'm now benching confidently, without pain. July last year, following a knee replacement, she did her magic and had me back squatting so quickly that at my 6 weeks check-in with my surgeon, he described my recovery as a “freak of nature”. I cannot recommend her enough. Do NOT suffer – go and get fixed."

Jeff Farrell

"I've been seeing Kelly for around 4 years now to help with chronic back pain. Prior to that I saw a number of different specialists with no lasting results. Kelly took a special interest in my case due to the severity of my condition, and has worked with me tirelessly over the years to provide physical and emotional support. She has helped to drastically reduce the symptoms, gain strength and mobility, and allow me to move properly again. Kelly and her team have an astounding understanding of human movement, and her eye for detail is unparalleled. I can't recommend Performotion highly enough."

Luke Cosgrove

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No matter what your goal, background or experience level, our team of Exercise Physiologists and Strength Coaches will work with you to achieve your ultimate strength, health and performance.


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