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Rehabilitation and performance coaching for everyday people, high performers and competitive athletes.

60+ positive reviews on Google

Our Athletes

Our athletes continue to dominate in their sport, with podium finishes at local competitions, national championships and IPF Worlds.

Client Testimonials

Eric Rogic
Eric Rogic
15 April 2024
Fantastic gym - great community and good quality equipment!
Dylan Sorensen
Dylan Sorensen
11 February 2024
Perf is perfect. I'm an Osteo as well as an athlete, initially the whole team got involved to get me to the starting line and achieve my goals. Then when I was looking for my next thing, Kelly helped me through (and still is!) the ins and outs of Powerlifting and managing my body. which I love. 11/10 would recommend.
Debbie Joseph
Debbie Joseph
9 November 2023
Started seeing a sport Physiologist for my hip osteo arthritis to build muscle. Who knew I had muscle after losing so much strength. It's one of those gyms that isn't all prissy and pretentious. I also see Ethel who is just the best and I always find relief after my sessions with her.
Damien Parker
Damien Parker
22 August 2023
Managed to drop in for a casual visit today and if you’re after a strength and conditioning gym with everything you need in one place. This is it. If you’re in Brisbane I highly recommend checking the gym and the team out.
Vanessa T
Vanessa T
9 July 2023
Incredibly knowledgeable and they’ll get you results. Whether it’s rehab or strength training, these guys know what they’re doing
Isaiah Young
Isaiah Young
7 December 2022
I have only visited the gym in person once, but have been doing weekly online programming with Sam. He is by far the best strength coach I’ve ever had, not only is the program format clean and easy to use, his communication and ability to teach is elite. The gym was vibrant, and full of professional and clean equipment when I did visit. Couldn’t more highly recommend not only the gym, but the coaches they have here.
Alexander Houston
Alexander Houston
19 October 2022
Performotion was given to me as a last resort pre surgery to fix chronic back pain. Kelly identified the issue within 2 minutes, something the doctors and scans were unable to do, and prescribed some simple yet effective exercises and movements. A year later and not even a niggle! These magicians will ensure form and technique are correct whilst getting you back stronger than ever. Highly recommend anyone looking for strength training / exercise physiology to get in here! 🥳
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Online Programs

Introducing our specialised powerlifting programs, designed to amplify your strength with a tailored approach catering to all experience levels.

Who We Help

We work with athletes of all levels, including beginners, intermediate and elite-level competitors, both locally and worldwide.

Our coaches and EP’s have a proven track record of helping lifters overcome injury and performance plateaus, compete at national championships and qualify for world stage.

60+ positive reviews on Google

PerforMotion HQ

Visit our fully equipped, 24/7 gym located in Brisbane’s inner city suburb of Bowen Hills, Queensland.

Memberships start at just $18/week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Hit the contact button and our team will get back to you.

PerforMotion offer daily feedback and communication with a 24 hour response feedback time.

Each coach will establish their communication boundaries with a new athlete and work to uphold those boundaries during the coaching experience.

It is encouraged that PerforMotion athletes send their videos and feedback each session to build the relationship needed for performance results.

The coaches pride themselves on setting a high standard with communication and feedback, both with response times and the detail provided.

The enquiry form lists each of the online coaches who are providing services. Each coach has a capacity limit, so we encourage that you choose the first, second and third preference of coach you would like to work with.

If your first preference coach has capacity, they will reach out. PerforMotion coaches conduct weekly mentoring and collaboration to ensure we are providing a product which matches each other.

We use visa, master card through a direct debit service. In some circumstances we also use Paypal.

These are automated payment plan with the admin team answering all questions regarding payment.

We currently have online coaches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore.

We will be expanding to America and Europe in 2024/2025.

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An Exercise Physiologist is an allied health professional who aims to assist in the improvement of acute or chronic injuries with the prescription of exercise and lifestyle modification.

At PerforMotion we understand that no two bodies are the same. That’s why we take a personalized approach to your rehabilitation and performance journey.

We will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, goals, and challenges, and create a customized exercise program tailored to your individual requirements.

Exercise Physiologists aim to prescribe exercise to treat conditions and improve how you move. Physiotherapists diagnose, prescribe low level, initial exercise and massage.

These two professions work hand in hand, collaboratively, aiming to achieve the best outcome for the client. 

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Tori LaPerriere
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