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PerforMotion are a team of Accredited Exercise Physiology Brisbane Practitioners (AEPs), located in Fortitude Valley.

We cater to all experience levels and backgrounds and treat a range of ailments from chronic to acute injury and rehabilitation, to competitive athletes. PerforMotion prides itself on effectively using the latest research and industry experience to get the best results and outcomes for Exercise Physiology Brisbane clients.

As rehab and performance specialists, working with competitive and aspiring athletes, we use our knowledge and your unique physiology to safely and effectively increase your strength and fitness. And as a leading Exercise Physiology Brisbane clinic with highly experience Exercise Physiologists, our aim is to help you recover from an injury, return to sport or daily life, manage chronic illness or to improve your day to day life, our team will help you reach your strength, health and fitness goals.


Access our video library and online course developed by our Accredited Exercise Physiology Brisbane practitioners. We recommend it to our new clients, and any coach or training enthusiast who wants to gain extra knowledge around creating proximal stability under a barbell. ⁣

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Meet Our Exercise Physiology Brisbane Team!

Kelly Mann

Kelly Mann

Senior Exercise Physiologist

Kelly Mann is a Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) who specialises in the areas of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and performance for powerlifting. Kelly also works with general injury rehabilitation, sports specific injury, chronic illness and disease.

Tom Haynes

Tom Haynes

Senior Exercise Physiologist

Tom Haynes is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and strongman athlete performance. He works with clients to help manage chronic conditions by employing pain reduction strategies and improving mobility.

Michael Bates

Michael Bates

Exercise Physiologist

Michael is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who specialises in mental health and chronic disease prevention, treatment, and management. He employs evidence-based practice to help people in their day to day living by improving their strength, balance, mobility, and coordination.

Sam Thomasson

Sam Thomasson

Personal Trainer

Sam is a certified Exercise Scientist and Strength and Conditioning Coach with a background in personal training and strength sports. She is currently completing her fourth year Clinical Exercise Physiology degree and has competed in powerlifting, strongman/woman and bodybuilding at the highest levels.
Stop Playing The Pain Blame Game

Stop Playing The Pain Blame Game

Have you been going to different practitioners trying to find the answers to your sore knee, hip, back, or shoulder? Are you getting enough sleep at night? Are you feeling stressed, managing your nutrition? Have you blamed a muscle or body part for your patients’ sore...

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Exercise Physiology Fortitude Valley Clinic

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Kelly Mann 0414 566 937
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Tom Haynes 0450 753 945
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Michael Bates 0488 013 369
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Sam Thomasson 0436 765 865
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