Josh Quan

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

 Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
 Diploma of Sports Development
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Josh is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist based in Brisbane, offering personalised face-to-face consultations and online sessions worldwide via Zoom.

Specialising in barbell sports rehabilitation and achieving pain-free performance with a biomechanical focus, Josh brings a wealth of athletic experience, having participated at high levels in soccer, basketball, and tennis.

Having personally overcome numerous musculoskeletal injuries, Josh understands the importance of minimising downtime from training. He is passionate about promoting exercise as a cornerstone of daily well-being, assisting individuals in managing and alleviating pain for sustained success.

Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, Josh tailors client-centred training and rehabilitation strategies aimed at delivering enduring results.


  • Strength Sports Rehabilitation
  • Athletic Injury Management and Prevention
  • Chronic Disease Management and Prevention
  • Neurological Conditions


 Represented Tasmania and Australia Futsal (2009-2011)
 Rehabilitated multiple athletes who competed at Arnolds Masters 2023, APA Open & Junior Nationals 2024, KNKF Junior Nationals 2024

Client Results

 Rob Ward: Rehabilitated an ongoing knee issue 3 weeks out from USAPL Raw Nationals. Squatted 325.5kg

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