Bobby Tan

Powerlifting Coach

 Diploma of Sport and Exercise Science
 Level 1 Powerlifting Singapore Accredited Coach
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Based in Singapore, Bobby is a strength and conditioning coach who specialises in Powerlifting.

Bobby has 3 years of coaching experience, during which he has trained individuals at various strength levels, ranging from novices to advanced athletes. He employs a collaborative and client-oriented approach to assist them in achieving their desired goals in the sport.

Leveraging a keen sense of critical thinking and adept problem-solving skills, Bobby always maintains an open-minded approach to his athlete's training. He keenly observes performance trends and actively listens to his clients' feedback so to arrive at programming strategies that suit the individual — be it using mainstream or unconventional methods.

Bobby's coaching not only focuses on skill enhancement but also places a strong emphasis on fostering a supportive and respectful coach-athlete relationship, ensuring that each athlete's journey is both effective and fulfilling.

Drawing upon his role and experience as both coach and athlete, Bobby strives to provide effective communication with his clients, where he places a strong emphasis on education and developing lifter autonomy.


  • Powerlifting
  • Athlete Mindset & Sports Psychology
  • Anatomy, Kinesiology, & Biomechanics
  • Gameday Coaching, Tactics, & Strategies


 Singapore U74 Junior National Champion and Best Overall Lifter (2023)
 Junior Worlds U74 Overall Silver Medalist, Bench Press Gold Medalist (2023)
 Asian Classic U74 Junior Asian Champion, Overall Gold Medalist, Bench Press Gold Medalist, Squat Bronze Medalist (2023)
 2 x u74 Junior National Records for Bench Press and Total
 1 x u74 Open National Record for Bench Press
 2 x u74 Junior Asian Records for Bench Press 3 Lift & Bench Press Single Lift

Client Results

 Yue Ning: u57 Junior 2nd, Overall Female Junior 3rd, secured ticket to Junior Worlds in Malta
 Glynnis Low: u52 Junior 2nd, secured ticket to Junior Worlds in Malta

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