David Hoffman

Powerlifting Coach

 Certificate III and IV in Fitness
 APA Powerlifting Coach
 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (in progress)
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David, an accomplished strength and conditioning coach specialising in powerlifting. David's expertise has propelled athletes from across the world to national championships and international success. With his own experience as a world-stage competitor, David offers a profound understanding to his coaching approach.

Drawing from a range of techniques, David combines a sharp eye for technique and exceptional programming skills to guide athletes to be their best. Known for his great communication and collaborative goal-setting, David ensures clients receive consistent feedback and support in achieving their goals.

David's empathetic approach allows him to connect deeply with clients, understanding the detail of competition at all levels. Utilising his coaching tools and personal athletic experience, David empowers athletes to reach their full potential.

Employing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, David tailors training programs to each individual, emphasising movement efficiency and creating a great coach-client relationship. Through effective communication and education, David ensures every athlete's journey is both successful and fulfilling.


  • Programming + Problem Solving
  • Competition Preparation
  • Movement Efficiency + Individual Technique Analysis
  • Gameday Coaching, Tactics, & Strategies


 u93kg Jr State Champion (2021) 2024: Competed at IPF World Bench
 u93kg Australian representative at 2024 IPF Bench Only Worlds in Texas, USA
 Platform Coach at 2024 IPF Bench Only Worlds in Texas, US

Client Results

 Steven Vo: u59kg Australian National Champion (2022) Ranier Cortez: u83kg Junior IPF World Bench Press 2nd Place Tiggy Sadler-Barker: u84kg Junior IPF World Bench Press 2nd Place
 Shoya Kaneko: u93kg Japanese representative for IPF Junior Worlds in Romania (2023)
 Justin Noller: 2nd place at Powerlifting America High School Nationals (2024)
 Sarah Payne: Competed at USAPL Collegiate Nationals (2024)
 Ranier Cortez/Steven Vo/Tiggy Sadler-Barker: Competed at IPF Bench Only Worlds
 William Qin: u59kg Australian Junior National Champion (2024)
 Ranier Cortez/Steven Vo/Tiggy Sadler-Barker: Australian representatives at IPF Bench Only Worlds (2024)
 Nicholas Azzopardi: u74kg Malta representative at IPF Classic Worlds in Lithuania (2024)
 Brian Kimutai (u83kg) & Will Qin (u59kg) Australian representatives at 2024 IPF Junior Worlds in Valletta, Malta

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