John Schulze

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

 Honours in Clinical Exercise Physiology
 Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science
 Diploma in Sports Development
 Cert III & IV in Fitness
 Level 1 Sports Trainer
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John Schulze graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with Honours in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2020, specialising in powerlifting and sports injuries, as well as postoperative musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

John’s expertise in powerlifting and field sports rehabilitation stems from competing competitively in both powerlifting and football, gaining an understanding of the return to competition criteria and demands.

During his time at university, John completed his final year placement at Ipswich hospitals out-patient centre for cardiovascular and respiratory rehabilitation and conditions.

John's philosophy for injury and post-surgical rehabilitation includes integration within a multidisciplinary team of Physiotherapists, Dietitians, soft tissue therapists and network of orthopaedic specialists. Utilising an integrated model for post-surgical rehabilitation has assisted John in greater patient outcomes through advanced communication on treatment plan timelines, clearance criteria and patient education to minimise the risk of reinjury or complications on return to daily activities, sport, and competition.


  • Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
  • Biomechanics, Anatomy, and Physiology
  • Movement Correction and Efficiency
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Conditions
  • Strength and Field Sports Injuries


 1st Place ICN Mens Fitness (2019) Bodybuilding Competition

Client Results

 Semisi - APA Junior Nationals 2024 Rehabbed bicep pain. Went from Benching 160kg with pain to Benching 180kg on the platform pain free.
 Carson - APA Junior Nationals 2024 Rehabbed lower back and hip shift. Went from failing 170kg Deadlift in training to pulling 260kg on the Platform.
 Jordan - APA Junior Nationals 2024 Rehabbed bilateral knee pain. Went from Squatting 140kg with pain to Squatting 187.5kg on the platform pain free.
 Amber - APA Junior Nationals 2024 Rehabbed ATFL reconstruction. Squatted a platform PR of 125kg pain free after surgery to repair ATFL.

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