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Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone who just wants to get stronger, the strength training and performance coaches at PerforMotion Gym Bowen Hills, will help you reach your fitness goals.

Powerlifting Gym Brisbane

With a strong track record of national and international powerlifting champions, we often get asked how our athletes achieve such outstanding results.

Whether you are a casual lifter or a serious athlete, we take into account each lifter’s unique anatomy and physiology so they can achieve the best results in a completely safe and sustainable manner.

Our up to date, strength sports specific, evidence-based training method is what has made us Best Powerlifting Gyms Brisbane.

Tan woman in pink and blue workout gear being mentored by physio coach on gym equipment

General Strength Training Gym Brisbane

PerforMotion caters for all types of people who like to lift weights in a non-intimidating, community environment.

We are proud to provide an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcome to train using the best equipment and performance coaches in Brisbane.

When you train at PerforMotion Gym you get the benefits of having experienced coaches on the floor, watching your technique and answering questions. We truly are dedicated to your results.

Brisbane’s Best Strength Training Gym Facility

As a leading strength, rehab and powerlifting gyms brisbane, we combine our knowledge of human physiology with advanced strength training techniques get the best results for our clients, guaranteed.


Correct and/or Avoid Injury

Many of our strength coaches are Accredited Exercise Physiologists who have dedicated countless hours to understanding the unique physiology of the human body.


Learn Proper Form and Technique

We pride ourselves on ensuring and each every rep is performed with meticulous technique in order to keep you safe and progressing consistently.


Get Stronger by Fixing Poor Mechanics

This is at the core of everything we do, and every single client that comes into PerforMotion will go through an assessment and movement screening so we know exactly how to approach your training based on your unique physiology.

…Unlock Elite Level Lifting, without:


Sloppy, on-the-fly Coaching

Our coaches live and breathe strength training – it’s what they love to do. And that means they are just as invested in your goals as you are. In short, we CARE, and that means you’ll have their full attention in every session and throughout your training or competition preperation.


Outdated Training Methods

We dedicate regular team up-skilling sessions, so we can provide the most up to date and effective protocols that have been tried and tested by industry elites. While we stand by the fundaments and know what works, we maintain an open mind and take advantage of advances in Exercise Physiology and strength training methodologies.


What about Weightlifting and CrossFit?

Our methods work for any type of athlete that needs to FIX imbalances, so we can BUILD on those weaknesses and get you moving properly through those complex or restricted movements. Our facility includes competition-spec weightlifting equipment and we also love collaborating other coaches who specialise in these areas to get the best results possible for their athletes.

What if I just want to lift for general health and fitness?

Just because you want to build strength doesn’t mean you have to compete. Our strength training programs are also for people who simply want to work on their strength and performance in a supportive and motivating environment. We can also help resolve any chronic or acute pains or niggles that may be holding you back from getting the most from your everyday life.

I’m a Personal Trainer/Coach looking to upskill, can I work with you?

Yes! We have a number of fitness industry professionals who use our services in order to upskill or collaborate on treating their clients. If you come to us with an injured client, our goal is to ensure they resolve their niggles or injuries as quickly as possible, so they can keep training with you! We also offer personalised mentorship programs for industry professionals who want to improve their own training or to learn the skills and knowledge needed to achieve better outcomes for their clients.

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Success Stories

Kelly fixed my debilitating knee pain in just 2 sessions, 3 years ago. Since then she has coached me through 9 powerlifting competitions and kept me injury-free. The whole PerforMotion team are top-knotch health professionals who really care about their clients, and I would not hesitate to recommend them for anything from everyday niggles to elite sporting performance. The team dedicates themselves to constantly learning and applying their knowledge to change people’s lives. You won’t find a better team of exercise physiologists. 
Caitlin Baraclough (Elite Powerlifter)

I am a weightlifting coach and have seen them myself and sent a lot of athletes to them I have also used them a lot for remote athlete consults and screening with excellent results.
They know their stuff – and are excellent communicators – I have also learnt a lot myself from them which has improved my coaching 100% recommend !
Myles Wydall (Olympic Weightlifting Coach)

I’ve been seeing Kelly now for about 18 months, after a knee surgery and hip surgery. I’m a competitive strength athlete, and wanted to improve my mobility and strength after a while out of the game. Working with Kelly has been a god-send.
I’m now lifting near my best, with the best technique I’ve ever had. Super professional, experienced, and employing targeted methods to ensure the best outcomes for each client. Highly recommended.
Rebecca Aichholzer (Competitve Strongwoman)

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