PerforMotion offers online services so you can experience coaching and exercise physiology from anywhere in the world.

Our practitioners are highly qualified and trained in analysing biomechanics, research and individualised training data to ensure that you can achieve your highest potential.




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Online Coaching

Our experienced coaches and Exercise Physiologists are available to work with you on a 1-1 basis. As an online coaching client you will receive:

A questionnaire and Initial Zoom Consultation to talk about your training and goals

Personalised Facebook group to log training videos/data/communication with your practitioner.

Weekly updates of your training program, and regular feedback on your training outcomes.

PLUS, optional additional zoom catch-ups at your discretion. These can be booked by yourself or in discussion with your practitioner for more “hands-on” assistance with specific lifts, or in-depth debriefs about training.

Zoom Technique Sessions

If you are someone who does not live in Brisbane, yet wants instant cueing from your coach, the zoom coaching package or zoom technique sessions are a great option.

During these sessions, you are able to have your coach/ practitioner provide instant feedback and make on the spot program changes and adjustments.

Zoom consults can run as a one-off technique session or as a part of our coaching packages and are a great way to have the benefits of instant feedback without needing to travel outside of your home/local gym.


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We’ll work out where the injury is stemming from and provide a sequential, staggered approach back to your sport of choice or everyday movement patterns – pain-free

Fix and Build

For the lifter who is dealing with niggling injuries ultimately stopping them from making progress. Fix and build will establish the strongest mechanical position possible before transitioning to a performance-based program


Get as strong as possible whilst minimising setbacks. We’ll formulate a training plan and program to optimise your highest potential in your sport. This includes recovery and warmup protocols, injury prevention/prehab and game day tips

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