MIddle Weight Female

This program is suited to females in the classes U69- 76kg

The program is compiled based on commonality between women in these weight classes i.e size, tolerance to volume and intensity and peaking/tapering.

What’s Included:

Three Training Phases:
Block 1: Building phase where the athlete establishes a baseline strength through submaximal work
Block 2/Peak: Capitalising on baseline ready to express strength
Taper: Based on commonalities between these weight classes and is designed to dissipate accumulated fatigue
10-minute video explaining each phase, program structure, how to manipulate volume and intensity (if needed) and what to expect during each phase/ taper.

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We are confident this program will provide you with excellent results! However, our personal online coaching is where our athletes see the most progress. This is due to the individual attention and instant feedback based on the athlete’s needs. If you are interested in coaching, click here
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