Daisy Brooks

Accredited Sports Nutritionist

 Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition Bioscience
 Sports Nutrition Association: Applied Sports Nutrition Certificate
 APA Local Level Referee
 APA Nationals Coach
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Daisy is a registered Accredited Sports Nutritionist with the Sports Nutrition Association. Currently completing her Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition Bioscience, she offers online coaching with flexible check-in options.

With expertise in nutrition science and a deep understanding of powerlifting as an athlete herself, Daisy empowers and guides you to optimise your nutrition to boost both performance and overall well-being. She tailors plans focusing on macronutrients, micronutrients, and timing to enhance strength gains and recovery. Her approach creates sustainable strategies tailored to your lifestyle and training needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned powerlifter refining your nutrition strategy or new to the sport, Daisy provides the knowledge and tools for long-term success in powerlifting.


  • Acute weight cutting for competitions
  • Moving up or down weight classes
  • Developing healthy nutrition lifestyle habits
  • Nutrition strategies for high-performance athletes
  • Fostering a positive relationship with food and exercise
  • Working collaboratively to repair disordered eating thoughts and behaviours


 Selected for IPF Bench Only Worlds in Texas 2024
 APA National records for u57kg junior squat, bench, and total
 2024 u57kg Junior National Champion
 Selected for IPF Junior Worlds in Malta 2024

Client Results

 Natalie Laalaai: overall best female lifter/1st place u84kg females/u84 women squat/deadlift/total records
 Matt Genge: 1st place u105kg junior males at CPU Eastern Championships, secured his ticket to junior worlds in Malta
 Ben Pape: 2nd place u105kg males at European Open Classic Powerlifting Championships
 Katelyn Plourdee: Powerlifting America Nor’east Winter Challenge: 1st place teen and junior female lifter, and first place overall female lifter
 Max Heyburn: British Junior Nationals, +27.5kg competition pb
 Kelly Andrews: 3rd place u57kg female at APA Nationals, selected for Australian team for Open World Championships in Lithuania

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