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Our Strength Coaches are highly experienced, skilled and dedicated to providing the best and most effective programming and coaching for performance.

Kelly Mann

Kelly Mann


Accredited Exercise Physiologist Brisbane
Level 1 Powerlifting Australia Coach

kelly@performotion.net | 0414 566 937

Kelly Mann


Kelly Mann is the founder and director of PerforMotion. Kelly is a Powerlifting coach who started powerlifting coaching face to face in Brisbane after competing in powerlifting, then completing a bachelor of Exercise Physiology. 

Kelly no longer practices as an Exercise Physiologist nor face to face and, now along with running the business, is a full time online powerlifting coach. Kelly attributes her keen eye for technique from her years studying movement at university and brings this to her coaching style.

Kelly has had great success as an online coach. Coaching some of her athletes from beginners to then podium at national championships. As well as coaching multiple athletes to podium at IPF worlds in 2022 and 2023. Kelly’s success stems internationally as over half her current book are athletes from around the world.

Kelly prides herself on her communication and feedback methods, highlighting consistency and responsiveness as key elements of her service for all clients. She focuses on collaborating with her clients, ensuring goals are set and met through honest and clear communication.


Kelly’s areas of interest and specialisation include:

  • Powerlifting performance
  • Problem solving issues with movement 
  • Peaking & tapering in to competition 
  • Mentoring 
    Steven Day

    Steven Day

    Powerlifting Coach (Head of Powerlifting)

    Steven Day


    Steven Day is a seasoned strength and conditioning coach, specialising in powerlifting.

    Steven supports athletes across the globe on national and international platforms, his expertise, knowledge and precision with coaching has taken multiple athletes from beginners to national champions. 

    While coaching athletes to the highest level in the sport who compete at IPF worlds and various international competitions, Steve is also an athlete who has stepped foot on the world stage himself, which gives him the ability to provide a deep level of understanding to his coaching and communication with clients.

    Steven primarily works with athletes who want to go to the next level in their powerlifting journey to assist in reaching their full potential.


    Kelly’s areas of interest and specialisation include:

    • Programming
    • Peaking for competition
    • Meet day handling 
    • Mindset around training
    Danny Le

    Danny Le

    Online Powerlifting Coach


    Danny Le


    Danny is strength and conditioning coach who specialises in powerlifting. Danny currently offers services online via our tiered online programming options and online Zoom sessions.

    Based in Sydney, he has introduced individuals to the sport of powerlifting, offering guidance to those who wish to have a taste of what it’s like on the platform through novice and local competitions. Danny has also contributed to the progression of athletes from national into international level.

    Danny utilises his own athlete experience, evidence based practices and constantly refines his coaching skills to ensure his clients are provided with a communicative athlete-coach experience that is empowering, educational and results driven.

    Danny’s particular areas of interest and specialisation include:

    • Programming
    • Powerlifting biomechanics (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift)
    • Competition Preparation 

    Sam Butterworth

    Sam is a Performance Coach who specialises in strength training and Powerlifting. He is a seasoned coach with over 8 years experience with individuals of all levels of ability and performance. 

    Sam has been a competitive powerlifter for over 7 years including competing at the most recent 2023 IPF World Championships

    Sam offers powerlifting coaching to individuals looking to step onto the powerlifting platform for the first time or those wanting to advance their current training performance to State and National Level. With Sam’s vast experience as a coach and athlete, his ability to empathise with clients is second-to-none alongside his communication skills.

    He offers services both online and face-to-face and is eager to transition to the next stage of their Athletic career

    Sam’s particular areas of interest:

    • Powerlifting
    • Technique and Movement Efficiency 
    • Breakthrough into competing
    • Programming


      David Hoffman

      David Hoffman

      Strength Coach / Student EP

      david@performotion.net | 0408 167 117

      David Hoffman

      David is a strength and conditioning coach who focuses on powerlifting and all things strength training. With over 7 years in the industry David can use his knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

      His wide range of clients from general populations, novice powerlifters or national champions mean he can help you in the direction you want to go. Whether it’s improving general strength, getting onto the powerlifting platform for the first time or wanting to compete at the highest level, David can take you there.

      David offers face to face sessions, as well as online coaching. His excellent communication skills and commitment to helping you in any situation make his services second to none.

      David’s particular areas of interest and specialisation include:

      • Powerlifting
      • Anatomy
      • Movement efficiency

      Shania Radke

      Shania is a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a qualified ISSN Sports Nutritionist who offers online and face-to-face coaching (programming and technique sessions). 

      Shania is a seasoned coach with years of experience within private small group training, 1:1 sessions, general strength training and specific powerlifting coaching. Shania offers coaching to individuals who are interested in the sport of powerlifting and have never competed before or are wanting to take their training to the next level (state and national level). 

      Shania’s secret weapon comes with her ISSN sports nutrition accreditation which supports her passion for creating a balanced lifestyle approach to training. Shania works with individuals who are wanting to learn and understand more about nutrition, alongside powerlifting athletes who need sports nutrition coaching to maximise their strength in their chosen weight class. 

      Shania is a powerlifting athlete herself within APU and believes that her knowledge as both a coach and athlete allows her to provide a service that is individualised, supportive and empowering. 

      Shania’s particular areas of interest and specialisation include:

      • Powerlifting specific coaching
      • Semi-Private powerlifting coaching
      • Sports Nutrition – weight cutting for competitions, off-season maintenance, general population
      • Creating balanced and sustainable goals for clients
        Leanne Jackson

        Leanne Jackson

        Performance Coach/Accredited Exercise Scientist

        leanne@performotion.net | 0447 084 277

        Leanne Jackson

        Leanne is a ESSA accredited Exercise Scientist who specialises in powerlifting and general strength training. Her services extend from online coaching / programming to face to face sessions held out of Performotion’s physical location in Brisbane. 

        Leanne has many years of coaching experience with powerlifting athletes and general strength training. She offers coaching to individuals who are looking to take their powerlifting performance to the next level or looking to generally get stronger and more confident in the gym. 

        As a powerlifter herself, she provides her athletes with tools and strategies from both a coach and athlete perspective. She has a background in multiple sports competing at high levels including rugby league and gymnastics where she has gained many skills as an athlete which has developed her as a coach to be relatable and understanding, with an emphasis on the importance of communication. 

        Leanne’s particular areas of interest and specialisation include:

        • Powerlifting programming
        • Female strength athletes
        • Athlete mental preparation 

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