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Jess Heit
Jess Heit
October 7, 2021.
Really knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming staff and other gym goers. Would recommend for any level of fitness.
Cheyne Jones
Cheyne Jones
May 17, 2021.
I started working with Tom Haynes almost 3 years ago. After a long and taxing military career I wasn't sure what my body would be able to handle moving in to competitive strength sports. Tom did and continues to work tirelessly with me in putting my body back together and performing at levels I never thought I would or could. But as good of an EP as what Tom is, he is as equally a nice human being. Whether you have pain you want to address or want to perform your best (or both), hit up PerforMotion. You will not be disappointed.
Melinda Cotton
Melinda Cotton
September 30, 2020.
When I first started using Michael Bates as a trainer I was overweight and had difficulty moving due a long standing knee injury. I lost 27kgs and have maintained that weight loss for 3 years and counting. I moved away from QLD and continued to follow the program Michael set for me. With weight loss no longer the main goal, I decided to challenge myself to take part in a 36km walk. I achieved the walk and did it in a time almost 45min fast than I expected! I have continued to work with Michael online to maintain the stability and integrity of my knee and have successfully avoided having to undergo joint replacement surgery. When I do choose to work with a trainer in my current home state, Michael works with them to ensure their understanding of my needs and how movement affects my injury (plus I can’t get away with anything! 😊). I put the effort in but if it wasn’t for Michael’s care, guidance and reinforcement throughout my transition to a healthier lifestyle and mindset I don’t believe I would be in the position I am in today both mentally and physically. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough, he quite literally changed my life.
Rob Mansfield
Rob Mansfield
September 21, 2020.
Tom and Kelly have helped me initially with training and exercise programming after a neck disc fusion and later with diabetes management through to now providing coaching in powerlifting. I can’t rate them highly enough.
Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall
September 21, 2020.
I started training with Tom when I had two herniated discs and pretty severe nerve impingement, leading to numbness and weakness all down my right leg. Tom took on the challenge of this very angry, very sore, occasionally despairing netballer with a broken back and thanks to a combination of the rehab he put me through and some industrial grade anti-inflammatories I managed to avoid surgery and even get back on court after a few months. Tom not only helped me recover the strength and mobility I'd lost, but also helped me learn to have confidence in my back again after months of feeling like it had majorly let me down. I hate strength training and gyms in general but Tom puts up with my whining and manages not to roll his eyes at me too hard when I forget to do any homework he gives me. Thanks Tom.
Kathy P
Kathy P
September 21, 2020.
Great place, friendly atmosphere. Has free weights, squat racks, benches, a sled upstairs. TRX machine. Great EPs/coaches. Michael Bates is top notch- highly recommend him. You can probably claim on private health- I did.
Jordanna Herber
Jordanna Herber
September 21, 2020.
The team at PerforMotion are incredible. I’ve been seeing Tom Haynes since March last year and to put it simply he’s changed my life. Not only did he fix my hip niggles but he has kept me injury/pain free and prepped me into 3 powerlifting competitions. Tom has helped me achieve things I never thought were possible. The absolute best in the business 👌
joane mann
joane mann
September 21, 2020.
Being old school (over 60), I didn't know what an exercise physiologist was. I'd injured my knee at zumba and had pain in the opposite hip to the point even walking wasn't enjoyable - I put it down to age-related arthritis and that was the end of zumba! Kelly convinced me to do a session with her and quickly identified the problematic muscle group around my knee that needed strengthening. It's hard to believe the difference that the right exercise can make to improve mobility and general enjoyment of movement. I've continued doing a regular session with Kelly or Tom, am totally pain free and stronger - my cardiologist confirmed I am fitter this year than I was last year and that has to be thanks to Kelly and Tom. I would highly recommend PerforMotion if you want to move and feel better at any age!
Jacqui Drew
Jacqui Drew
September 14, 2020.
Initially started seeing Kelly with rehab post shoulder reconstruction. My shoulder is now better than it has been in decades. I'm now pregnant, and doing work to ensure strength and stability through pregnancy and beyond. I have trained with both Kelly and Tom and both EP's are at the top of their game. I've recommended friends who have also had stellar results and recoveries.

What’s Included?

Personalised Training Program TO SUIT YOUR LEVEL

The next level lifting program aims to create a unique experience which endeavours to take lifters to their next level. The program is designed and run by PerforMotion powerlifting coaches and focuses on good quality strength training principles.

Lifters can work with their coach in person or online to improve their technical lifting and get stronger.

COACHING Sessions with performotion coaches

PerforMotion coaches pride themselves on providing excellent quality feedback and communication with their clients, and this program aims to exceed these expectations.

PerforMotion has systems created for both face to face and online services, making both options an excellent choice for lifters.

When you join this program expect your lifting to progress… fast.


want to take your lifting to the next level?

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Program Summary

Personalised Training Program

Individualised programming updated weekly by some of the best powerlifting coaches in Australia.

COACHING Sessions with performotion coaches

A reactive style of programming, meaning you won’t receive them same template of someone else, as your individualised program is updated weekly.

Training Program Updated Weekly

If you’re wanting to engage with the program with a complete holistic and well-rounded approach.

Movement Analysis and Goal Setting Session

A detailed movement analysis will ensure that your program will suit your needs, from both a strength and injury prevention/management standpoint. Goals are set by you and worked towards collaboratively with your coach.

BONUS: Discounted Membership Rate

A discounted rate is available for those who wish to pay up front!!!


Who is the Next level lifting Program For?

People who:

  • Are stuck on the same numbers
  • Can’t figure out their lifting
  • Experience constant niggles
  • Haven’t PR’d in FOREVER
  • Are bored with their training

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About PerforMotion

PerforMotion is Brisbane’s premier strength and performance centre delivering outstanding results for their clients and providing an unrivalled supportive, team training environment.

Located in Brisbane’s inner-city suburb of Bowen Hills, they provide in-person and online coaching options from Strength Sports, Exercise Physiology, Performance and Rehab.

The New Lifters Program is a brand new offer that will help anyone who wants to improve their performance safely and effectively using their proven strength and performance philosophy.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a PerforMotion member?

No! But, a discounted gym membership is available to those who sign up to the program.

I don't live in Brisbane, can I still sign up to this program?

Yes! PerforMotion provides online coaching and nutrition services and pride ourselves on communication & feedback.

I have injuries I need to work around, would this program be ok for me?

Yes! PerforMotion coaches and Exercise Physiologists specialise in injury rehabilitation and management. We are able to prescribe a program which works on your injury as you get stronger at the same time.