Mentoring offers education and upskilling for coaches in such areas as biomechanics, assessments, programming and anything the coach is wanting to explore and learn.

Are You a Coach That Wants To Learn More?

The PerforMotion team has put together mentoring materials which cover key principles only available to those who book a mentoring consult.

These materials cover fundamental concepts in today’s strength and conditioning industry, as well as how PerforMotion applies these concepts.

Sessions can be face to face (Brisbane Only), or Zoom.

Please note some principles and models of rehab and performance may be hard to grasp and apply without face to face mentoring guidance. 

Tan woman in pink and blue workout gear being mentored by physio coach on gym equipment

Program Consults

These consults are designed for athletes or coaches who may want advice on their current program or program they are writing, such as:

Assistance with technique and program analysis from previous block 

Advice on movement prep/rehab/performance

Help with key performance issues from previous block

Program structure, selecting movements, ordering for shape change and volume dosage

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