Interactive webinars

Want to learn how to troubleshoot programming issues without having to restart your approach every time you run into a problem?




Presented by Coaches: Kelly, Steve & Danny

First Webinar: 6th December 2022

Online via ZOOM

  • Want to learn from other coaches as well as present your own ideas in a round table discussion?

  • Want to learn how to troubleshoot programming issues?

What to Expect?

Each webinar will cover current programming topics as outlined by Steve, Kelly & Danny. This will include case studies from the coaches themselves and also those submitted by participants to a private discord group.

The coaches expect full transparency with your programming issues and will be transparent with their own to help troubleshoot issues as a group.

Case studies are able to be submitted prior to and reviewed within the webinar, if you are struggling with something particular you would like help with discerning or, identifying the application to solve an issue. However, submission of case studies is not a requirement of attending the webinar.

First topics are:


  • Our definition of RPE

  • RPE based on individualisation

  • RPE inputs

Load Selection

  • Creating autonomy with load selection

  • Session to session load selection guides and issues

  • Troubleshooting load selection issues during a block

Disclaimer : The more you put into these webinars the better the outcome you get for yourself. The coaches will be presenting their own case studies relating to the topics of discussion and expect that you will bring forward current issues and trends you are seeing with your clients. This is so the coaches can help you with troubleshooting issues as well as learn in a group environment. We understand that ALL coaches struggle with some aspects of the job & there will be NO judgement from any of our coaches and we expect no judgement from you.