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Tom Haynes

Tom Haynes

Senior Exercise Physiologist

tom@performotion.net | 0450 753 945

Tom Haynes

Tom is our senior exercise physiologist. He consults face to face in Brisbane, and with athletes across the world over zoom.

Originally a competitive swimmer, Tom’s passion for barbell training and strength sports began in high school. Over the years, he’s competed in strongman competitions, however he quickly realised he was much better at helping athletes than being an athlete himself.


He loves to work through musculoskeletal problems – especially the cases that feel like they have ‘no solution’. Taking a methodical approach, and balancing evidence with ‘outside the box’ thinking, Tom has been able to help a number of people work through issues that have plagued them for years.


Over his career, Tom has worked with a number of high level strength sports athletes, ranging from members of the AUS olympic weightlifting team to IPF powerlifting world champions. Success stories often involve an athlete ready to pull out days before a competition, but, after a consultation, are armed with tools and knowledge to get to the platform and express their months of hard work.


Tom also offers 1-on-1 biomechanics mentoring, and consults with powerlifting coaches on how they can keep their athletes healthy whilst getting stronger.
    Chris Anastasiou

    Chris Anastasiou

    Accredited Exercise Physiologist Brisbane (AEP)

    Chris Anastasiou

    Chris is an experienced exercise physiologist who consults clients both face to face in Brisbane and across the world over zoom. 

    With a decorated history playing representative rugby union and league throughout high school, Chris’ interest in strength training grew over the years. Chris has been a competitive powerlifter since 2018 and has competed at multiple competitions. 

    Having his fair share of injuries, Chris has developed a deep understanding for solving musculoskeletal problems through the whole body. Combining evidence based practice and lateral thinking, chris has been able to help athletes become pain free while improving their performance without taking them away from training. 

    Chris has completed his masters of exercise science (Strength and conditioning) at Edith Cowan University, so he is our specialist in helping team sport athletes return to play with any injury helping them from acute rehab through to return to running. Since moving to Brisbane in 2022, Chris has been working heavily with barbell athletes returning to the platform or getting back into the gym with minimal interruption to training. 

    Chris also offers 1-on-1 biomechanics mentoring, and S&C (Strength and Conditioning) mentoring. 

    Josh Quan

    Josh Quan

    Accredited Exercise Physiologist

    Josh Quan

    Josh is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, who consults with clients both face to face in Brisbane and online around Australia and the world. He specialises in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, with an array of experience helping barbell sport athletes become pain free.

    Josh has an extensive background as an athlete and coach in a variety of field and court sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis, with his most notable achievement representing Australia in Futsal as a youth athlete. 

    Josh‘s high attention to detail and comprehensive client orientated training and rehabilitation strategies provides his clients with outstanding long term outcomes. He is a strong believer that exercise interventions have a crucial role on how people feel in their day to day lives and utilises evidence-based practice to help individuals improve and manage their pain.

    Josh also has particular interests in athletic development, chronic disease prevention and management and neurological conditions.

    John Schulze

    John Schulze

    Accredited Exercise Physiologist Brisbane (AEP)

    John Schulze

    John Schulze is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) who has extensive experience working within the field of sports injury and postoperative musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

    John’s philosophy for musculoskeletal rehabilitation includes integration within a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, dietitians, soft tissue therapists, and orthopaedic specialists. Utilising an integrated model for post-surgical and sports rehabilitation has assisted John in greater client outcomes through communication on treatment plan timelines, clearance criteria and client education to minimise the risk of reinjury or complications on return to activities of daily living and sport.

    John’s background includes playing football, before moving into competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting. John’s personal interests include working with bodybuilders, powerlifters, and field based athletes wanting to return to a high performing environment pain free with minimal change to their training wants and needs. John offers face to face and online consultations, and is available upon request.

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