2022 IPF World Championships



Meg Scanlon

Meg displayed a phenomenal performance in 2022 under coach Kelly Mann with her result of becoming the U63 World Champion!

It’s a surreal and scary concept when thinking of just how many kilos Meg left on that world stage.”

SQUAT: 180kgs

BENCH: 125kgs

DEADLIFT: 200kgs

TOTAL: 505kgs

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Tom Chaplin

Tom made his debut World’s performance in 2022 under coach Kelly Mann, making a name for himself amongst a platform of World class athletes as a direct result of his sportsmanship, mindset and attitude. Where excited to see where the future takes Tom in his powerlifting career.

Tom and I sat down and put all that data together in two back to back blocks of training, peaking it to perfection. This, together with a strong shift in mindset; he was unstoppable on the platform.”

SQUAT: 270kgs

BENCH: 187.5kgs

DEADLIFT: 300kgs

TOTAL: 757.5kgs

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