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Kelly Mann

Director of Performotion
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Level 1 Powerlifting Australia Coach
0414 566 937 

Kelly Mann is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) who specialises in the areas of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and performance for powerlifting. Kelly also works with general injury rehabilitation, sports specific injury, chronic illness and disease.

Kelly’s extensive background as a powerlifting coach and working with strength sports athletes from novice to elite level enables her to not only understand and rehabilitate lifting and gym-related injury – Kelly then links exercise prescription into performance. Kelly focuses on reaching the client’s goals by prescribing exercise for movement correction, improving muscle imbalance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Kelly sees clients at our Fortitude Valley clinic.

Kelly’s areas of interest and specialisation include:


  • back and hip pain and mechanics
  • shoulder dysfunction and mechanics
  • post-operative rehabilitation
  • strength training for powerlifting
  • chronic disease prevention and treatment
  • osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Tom Haynes

Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
0450 753 945

Tom Haynes is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and strongman athlete performance. He works with clients to help manage chronic conditions by employing pain reduction strategies and improving mobility in order to help clients to move and live well.

Tom comprehensively investigates acute musculoskeletal conditions and applies evidence-based treatment in innovative ways, with particular interests in the treatment of shoulder, lower back, hip, knees and ankle conditions.

Tom services both North and South Brisbane-based clients out of our Fortitude Valley and Rocklea clinics.

Tom’s particular areas of interest and specialisation include:


  • acute and chronic back pain
  • shoulder dysfunction and mechanics
  • lower body conditions including hip, knee and ankle
  • strength training for strongman and powerlifting athletes

Tom Warner

Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
Qualified Personal Trainer
0410 652 257


Tom Warner is a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Under the mentorship of Kelly and Tom Haynes at Performotion, Tom is in his final year of study towards becoming an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. 

Tom specialises in the design and delivery of exercise programs suited towards healthy individuals of any age bracket and all abilities, as well as sport-specific athletic development and performance. He uses evidence-based practice to teach clients how to move safely and effectively, whilst helping clients to reach their strength and performance goals.

Tom sees clients at our Fortitude Valley clinic.