2023 IPF sub-Junior & JUnior World Championships



Bobby Tan

Bobby had a fantastic training run into Junior worlds with coach Kelly Mann. His performance on the platform earned him bench gold, benching 25kg more than silver, as well as second place over all.

SQUAT: 247.5kgs

BENCH: 190kgs

DEADLIFT: 265kgs

TOTAL: 702.5kgs

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Tori LaPerriere

Tori played the game perfectly at Junior worlds. Going 9/9, taking bench gold and choosing attempts which placed her the highest she could be. Tori ended taking third place over all in a stacked U57 weight class to make coach Kelly proud. 

SQUAT: 147.5kgs

BENCH: 105kgs

DEADLIFT: 170kgs

TOTAL: 422.5kgs

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Leanne Jackson

This was the competition Leanne has been training for and was her best performance to date under coach Kelly Mann. 9/9, 27 white lights, bench bronze and a huge total PR.

SQUAT: 155kgs

BENCH: 115kgs

DEADLIFT: 195kgs

TOTAL: 465kgs

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Zayd Ghanawi

Zayd prevailed through over a year of constant set backs and injuries, supported by coach Steve to successfuly make it to the platform and have a great showing in the u93kg subjnr class.

SQUAT: 225kgs

BENCH: 132.5kgs

DEADLIFT: 242.5kgs

TOTAL: 600kgs

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Eszter Sallai

Eszter had a phenomal 9/9 day, finishing 4th overall with PR’s across the board and on total in the u69kg class to make coach Steven Day proud.

SQUAT: 172.5kgs

BENCH: 102.5kgs

DEADLIFT: 202.5kgs

TOTAL: 477.5kgs

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Matt Foley-Lewis

Matt held his own in a very stacked u105kg class performing well on all 3 lifts while being the youngest in the competition, with the support of coach Steven Day.

SQUAT: 265kgs

BENCH: 177.5kgs

DEADLIFT: 305kgs

TOTAL: 747.5kgs