2023 IPF World Championships



Meg Scanlon

This performance from Meg was a phenomenal display going 8/9 and adding 12.5kg to her total from nationals. Coach Kelly Mann and Meg continue to be an unstoppable team.

SQUAT: 195kgs

BENCH: 127.5kgs

DEADLIFT: 210kgs

TOTAL: 532.5kgs

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Ben Pape

Ben scored himself two medals in a very fast paced performance on the platform with the support of coach Kelly Mann. Some incredible improvements this worlds and lot’s more to come from this man. 

SQUAT: 330kgs

BENCH: 190kgs

DEADLIFT: 355kgs

TOTAL: 875kgs

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Steven Day

Steve had been dealing with multiple injuries for a period of time leading into worlds, given the circumstances he was still able to perform and execute an 8/9 day. Although not his best, this performance was still well rounded and he came out injury free.

SQUAT: 262.5kgs

BENCH: 162.5kgs

DEADLIFT: 282.5kgs

TOTAL: 707.5kgs

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Vicky Kijumnuayporn

Vicky had a great performance for her very first international competition, securing a medal in bench press and a top 5 finish. Her prep was not ideal in some circumstances but still managed to PR her total in the most strict environment with the support of coach Steven Day.

SQUAT: 142.5kgs

BENCH: 90kgs

DEADLIFT: 167.5kgs

TOTAL: 400kgs

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Sam Butterworth

Unfortunately for Sam, ongoing injury resulted in his performance being less than he wanted. Sam worked tirelessly in the lead up to this competition and his performance is one of resilience and experience. Despite the injury, Sam’s numbers are impressive and reflect his status as an athlete to watch.

SQUAT: 300kgs

BENCH: 182.5kgs

DEADLIFT: 300kgs

TOTAL: 782.5kgs

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