2023 IPF Masters World Championships



Mel Green

Mel endured her most difficult prep to date, often not knowing how training would be leading into each session, showing huge amounts of resilience to keep showing up and never giving up, finishing with 2nd in each discipline and 2nd on total the M1 u69kg category.

SQUAT: 137.5kgs

BENCH: 85kgs

DEADLIFT: 197.5kgs

TOTAL: 420kgs

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Jason Raby

Jason had a long and productive prep since his previous prep in April, where he came in having dealt with a recent hernia injury.
With minimal hiccups to his training in the lead up to Masters Worlds, Jason hit a 2.5kg total PR, which had been standing for two years.

SQUAT: 215kgs

BENCH: 162.5kgs

DEADLIFT: 250kgs

TOTAL: 627.5kgs

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Adriana Pence

Adriana had a brilliant prep,however coming in light meant that she was unable to achieve the numbers she was hoping for on the day. Her performance still earned her M1 U52 world champion & now shes hungry for more.

SQUAT: 135kgs

BENCH: 60kgs

DEADLIFT: 160kgs

TOTAL: 355kgs

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